Tips on How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages iPhone


If you often send and receive text messages on your iPhone, then definitely you might have encountered the problem of recovering accidentally deleted text messages. Many users usually delete the important text messages accidentally and find effective tips on “How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages iPhone”! Well, it can be a time consuming and daunting task to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone, but fortunately it is possible to recover all the deleted text files today using different effective methods.


Solution One


Users can retrieve deleted text messages from their iPhone backup. But, they need to create backup initially with iTunes or iCloud. This will enable them to retrieve the iPhone text messages when they are accidentally deleted. They simply need to go to the settings of the device and disable the auto-sync feature of the device. Now, they are required to connect the device to the computer system using USB cable and wait till it is recognized by the system. With right click in the device list, the users will find the option of “Restore from Backup”. They need to click the option and all the backed-up files will be display. The users are required to choose the file they want to retrieve and click the OK button.


Solution Two


Users who have no backup of the files, they need to make use of third party tools to retrieve the deleted text messages from their iPhone. There are many third party software programs that are used to restore all the deleted text messages from the iPhone. These software programs work efficiently for all Apple devices and help the users to restore the lost or deleted text messages with ease. Users are required to connect the device to the computer and count on these software programs for recovery. The software programs will scan the device and help you get back the deleted and lost text messages from phone.


Comparison of the Two Solutions


It is important for the iPhone users to periodically backup the text messages. They need to create back on iTunes or iCloud that enable them to retrieve all the lost or deleted text messages during emergencies. However, recovering data or text messages from backups will mean losing some of the crucial data. So, in such situation users can make use of third party software solutions that allow them to retrieve text messages without overwriting or deleting any other data of the phone. These recovery tools are designed to retrieve only the data that you want without deleting other crucial data.


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